About Us

Chinatown Cultural Plaza is a shopping center located in Chinatown of Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The Plaza is a popular destination for a variety of seasonal community events. Its open surrounding provides the community and neighboring areas with a place where friends may shop, dine and be entertained at a friendly and relaxed atmosphere on a daily basis.The Plaza also has two parking facilities and two loading zones to accommodate its tenants and customers. In the meanwhile, many public bus stops are either immediately on or adjacent to the property providing easy access to this most vibrant and busy neighborhood on the island.


The Chinatown Cultural Plaza was designed and built in 1974 with the combined efforts of six societies and organizations to the Chinese community. Chee Kung Tong, Kuo Min Tang, Leong Doo, Lung Doo, Dr. Sun Yat-sen School and Mun Lun School shared a vision 40 years ago to perpetuate the Chinese culture and tradition in the community, and to provide a gathering place where people of all cultures and heritage can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Chinatown. To date, Chinatown Cultural Plaza remain as the center and point of action of the Chinese community in Honolulu.

Who We Are

Longevity International Enterprises Corporation is the property management company that is currently running the Chinatown Cultural Plaza. Other than providing rental and leasing services, our mission is to serve the Chinese Community, overseas and locally.
Our management team includes:


  • Sophie Chu – Manager
  • Vina Quick – Executive Secretary
  • Calvin Huang – Operations Supervisor Assistant
  • Sibyl Tsui – Librarian

Our Services

  1. Commercial Leasing for retail businesses and office operations
  2. Facilities Rental for community activities and/or commercial events
  3. Community Services
  4. Library