open bidding

Cultural Plaza Building C, Public Restroom Renovation Project

  • Tender Status: Open for public bidding
  • Bid Bond Required: No
  • Bidding Method: Lowest bid; the winning bidder will be the one with the lowest price, based on the content and amount of the bid submitted.
  • Bidding Deadline: 12-29-2023 4:00 PM
  • Bidding Opening Time: 1-05-2024 10:00 AM
  • Bidding Location: Longevity International Enterprises Corporation
  • Bid Submission Location: 100 N. Beretania St. #304, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA
  • Project Location: Cultural Plaza, Building C 2F
  • Contract Period: 30 calendar days after signing the contract
  • Vendor Qualification Summary: Hawaii government-approved construction, related license registration, and all relevant insurance certificates

[Additional Notes]

For this project are as follows:

  • Inspect the current restrooms and replace the hardware (2 restrooms in total)
  • Provide a rendering of the updated restrooms
  • Provide samples of various tile materials for selection
  • Renovate and decorate according to the rendering
  • Remove all waste materials
  • Provide relevant warranty services
  • Pay attention to construction safety and environmental protection


Bidders may contact the contact person by phone to arrange a viewing of the relevant items before bidding.

After winning the bid, the bidder must complete the construction and completion according to the content and time specified in the bid proposal, and shall not request any delay or increase in any fees. If the construction and completion are not completed according to the content and time of the proposal, the winning bidder shall pay the inviting party 0.1% of the total contract amount per day from the day after the completion date specified in the proposal as liquidated damages. The payment method shall be a cashier’s check from a local Hawaiian bank on the same day and shall be paid until the completion of the project.