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Professional Services for Fire Alarm System Design Project

Longevity International Enterprises Corp. (dba Chinatown Cultural Plaza) hereby solicits interested and qualified Engineering Consultant Firm to submit proposals for  “Building A-D & Loading Zone Fire Alarm System Design Project” at Chinatown Cultural Plaza

Chinatown Cultural Plaza, 100 N. Beretania Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817


To design drawing plans, obtain permit and supervise installation of a new fire alarm system for Building A, B, C, D and Loading Zone at Chinatown Cultural Plaza so that the new system will function and meet with the current code.

To provide the following professional Service and meet the project goal:

  1. Review and stamp set of FA design drawing plans, including site plan, FA notes, FA floor plans and FA riser diagram for Building A, B, C, D and Loading Zone (which is part of Building C).
  2. Submit stamped FA drawings to Honolulu DPP for comments and approval.
  3. Address DPP comments from submitted plans.
  4. Solicit and vet qualified electrical contractors to bid on the project, including recommendation of a qualified electrical contractor.
  5. Provide project management, including 4 site visit (one visit for each building). The site visit is to determine if materials match with specifications, installation match with drawing plans, work matches with invoice, and if owner has been over billed.


  1. To research with City and locate the old permit drawing for tenant build outs in Building A and B if necessary.
  2. PDF Permit plans will be provided to owner.
  3. Construction permit fees to be paid and permit to be picked up by contractor.


Please contact Vina Quick at 808-521-4934 ext 105 for a site visit. No proposals will be accepted without conducting a site visit. LIEC reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions for any reasons as it deems in its best judgment and interest.

December 30, 2022, at 02:00 pm.

Please mail, email or hand deliver proposal to:

Longevity International Enterprises Corp.

100 N. Beretania Street, Suite 304, Honolulu, HI 96817

[email protected]